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Hi guys,

Some of you may recognise me from Celestial Heavens and Heroes Community (same username) as I’m a huge Heroes of Might & Magic fan and have been an active member of those communities for years.

I recently received a email newsletter from the guys working on the HoMM3 inspired game Fanstratics (terrible name lol) thanking a list of HoMM forum communities for their support and I saw all these places I didn’t know about filled with huge Heroes fans like me! So I couldn’t resist signing up! I’m Australian and I know this is not an English forum so hopefully it’s okay for me to still join up and post about my HoMM mod project. :)

As a kid growing up in the 1990s playing endless hours of HoMM and Civilization, I always wanted some sort hybrid game that gave me the beautiful HoMM experience but in the Civ sandbox world. Games like Master of Magic and Age of Wonders 2 sort of granted that wish however nothing truly answered my dream until a few years ago when I discovered a Heroes of Might & Magic 3 mod for Civilization 3 made by a CivFinatics user named Tom2050.



He completely converted Civilization 3's UI, graphics, units, techs, factions etc to be in the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 universe. I've mucked around with a few Civ3 mods in my time and I've never seen so many elements changed so much. He even got HoMM3 unit upgrades in there too lol! Obviously being a Civ game there’s no zoomed in combat but his mod allows for some very fun situations eg being able to colonize/make new cities, farm the lands and expand all over huge worlds effectively carving out your own story. Basically a more sandboxy global HoMM3 haha!

Anyway I was so inspired by the awesomeness of his mod that I wanted to try and make a Heroes of Might & Magic 2 mod for Civilization 2 to compliment it, as while I'm useless at Civ3 modding I'm pretty good with Civ2 modding. I was still hesitant to try though as I knew it would be a big job. However then I hit the jackpot when I found someone by the name of Metropolis had already started my exact HoMM2 for Civ2 idea and had posted about it in a German Civ forum. I tracked him down and we started working together on finishing his vision with a bit of my vision mixed in with it. It's not going to be as amazing as that HoMM3 for Civ3 mod as that thing is friggin amazing lol and we're using an older Civ game but we'll do the best we can haha. We know that it's 20 years too late, no one will probably play it and people will wonder why we're wasting our time but we're having a ton of fun making it so meh, we're doing it anyway haha.



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If the project is of interest to anyone, here are the first 3 dev diaries from the Heroes of Might & Magic 2 Mod for Civilization 2...

In the first dev diary we looked at importing HoMM2 castle/city graphics into Civ2.

HoMM2 Dev Diary 01 - Creating Cities For The Civilization 2 Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Mod:


In this second dev diary we looked at ‘HoMMafying’ all those Civ 2 advisor, city and event screens.

HoMM2 Dev Diary 02 - Creating Nice Backgrounds For The Civ2 Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Mod:


In the third dev diary we looked at changing Civ2’s leader portraits used for diplomacy with HoMM2 heroes and make a bold attempt at replacing Civ2’s original wonder videos.

HoMM2 Dev Diary 03 - Creating Custom Leaders & Wonder Vids For The Civ2 Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Mod:



Here's the next 3 Civilization 2 - Heroes of Might & Magic 2 mod dev diaries made over the last few months...

In the fourth dev diary we look at changing Civ2’s throne room with a HoMM2 castle jigsaw while completely replacing the title screen plus intro, diplomacy herald and wonder videos with cool HoMM2 content.

HoMM2 Dev Diary 04 – New Throne Room, Intro, Dip & Wonder Videos For The Civ2 Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Mod:


In the fifth dev diary we look at adding new HoMM2 themed victory and death sequences plus custom city screen backgrounds.

HoMM2 Dev Diary 05 – Creating Victory/Death & City Backgrounds For The Civ2 Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Mod:


In the sixth dev diary we answer fan demands to show units while also showing off all city buildings and some small touch-ups to the city sky view.

HoMM2 Dev Diary 06 – Heroes, Units & City Buildings In The Civ2 Heroes Of Might & Magic 2 Mod:



Hey guys,

Time for another update.. a way overdue one! Firstly I must be honest and say that not a huge amount of work has been done on this project since my last post as I've been busy working on my Command & Conquer and Red Alert 2 Civ2 scenarios getting them towards a near release position. However MetroPolis & I did a bit more work on this project such as finalising the sounds for all the units (and a few other things ;) ), making some more unit special ability balance adjustments, and I also finished work on testing technologies (making sure you can research from start to finish with no glitches) and giving them all custom graphics.

Speaking of technologies that's something we haven't really talked about much so far, so lets do it now. MetroPolis has painstakingly designed an awesome custom tech tree for this mod where all units, buildings and magical range weapons are obtained via 8 schools of research (mostly inspired by HoMM2 hero secondary skills) with 7 levels in each school. Default Civ2 only has 5 schools however thankfully they have 4 levels with different icons which meant I had access to more than 5 slots allowing me to make the required 8 icons thankfully.

So here’s the final product! Some icons are from the spell tree while other ones are custom ones I made where I cut a hero skill icon out from it's blue marble background and pasted it over a spell scroll background to match the other spell icons. Also the military one is actually a combination of 3 different HoMM2 spell icons!

So where are things at? Well all that's left to do now is creating a map & decorating it, final testing, writing up documentation, and then a tour video. Then it shall be released. But how long you ask..?

Hmm well.. I hope I don't regret this as I suck at meeting deadlines and I don’t wanna be one of the endless people making false promises on this forum about their projects lol, but I believe now I'm at a stage with all my projects that I can say that this project will hopefully be finished and released within the next 3 months. If I fail to meet this deadline you can all kick my ass lol.

Oh and I've had a few people ask me about our planned Civ HoMM2 map since Civ maps are so different (& less interactive) compared to HoMMs. Well the plan is to try to make it as interactive as possible using a few tricks. Eg monsters (assigned to Civ barb faction) fortified in various places and on top of nice things (I believe barb units fortified in forts don't wander around the map as I've seen the trick used in other Civ scenarios so I intend to user that). Metro has also setup some cool event driven unit spawning buildings on the map too (Dragon city baby!). Plus if players don't like my map and want to use this just as a mod for their own random Civ2 maps then metros spawners will still appear which is cool (I'll write a guide to help people get all the events working on their maps).

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